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Бортнік Іван з Бараўлян, уваходаў бортных Палескіх, астравоў Свірэскіх і Вербускіх

TreeBeekeeper Ivan from Barauliany, Palessie forests area, Svireski and Verbuski treebeekeeper's holdings.

Беларусь                     www.bortnictva.by                            Belarus

10 017©Братэрства Босых Бортнікаў. Дзе бортнічкі борцілі - там трэсачкі ляжалі


Traditional treebeekeeping

TreeBeeKeeping - an ancient forest craft, the initial form of cultural beekeeping based on keeping of forest bees (barouka) in artificial hollows - tree-hive.

TreeBeeKeeping in Belarus has the same importance as the forest and swamps, as an integral part of not only the natural space, but also part of the cultural code.

TreeBeekeeping Code

Primordial co-existence humans and nature has developed rules of customary law in the form of traditions and rituals.

In the current day of the customary law degenerates into written Code of laws between nature and society.

The first and only one in the world Treebeekeeping Code was developed on the basis of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Statutes and the traditions of the common law.

TreeBeeKeeping Chronicles

Everything in this world is interrelated with each other: everyone of us is part of a larger Universe.

TreeBeeKeeping chronicles are modern times stories, they are a great trip into the wilds of the past centuries and dense forests and swamps.

Welcome to the first chronicles of traditional craft in Belarus.