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Бортнік Іван з Бараўлян, уваходаў бортных Палескіх, астравоў Свірэскіх і Вербускіх

TreeBeekeeper Ivan from Barauliany, Palessie forests area, Svireski and Verbuski treebeekeeper's holdings.

Беларусь                     www.bortnictva.by                            Belarus

10 017©Братэрства Босых Бортнікаў. Дзе бортнічкі борцілі - там трэсачкі ляжалі

Bees and Plants


Old people of treebeekeeping traditions say that bees are born overseas in the rocks, and then arrived in our forests.

Believe it or - not, but the bees are God's creature, they are hardworking and always know if a person is wicked or kind one, who comes to them. So the bees do not sting but kiss.

Chief among bees is Queen-bee, who manages her friends and soldiers, singing her songs and dances round dance.

It could be always seen hardworking little black bee in local forests, which was called Barouka.

The Human domesticated animals, however, with a bee he decided to work and live together.

Forested plants for bees

Birch (May-June)

Spruce (May)

Willow (May-June)

Maple (May)

Buckthorn (all summer)

Linden (June-July)

Alder (April-May)

Aspen (April)

Pine (May-June)

Poplar (March-April)

Rowan (May-June)

Forested bush for bees

Acacia (May-June)

Barberry (May-June)

Blackberry (June-July)

Raspberry (June-July)

Viburnum (May-June)

Rosehip (May-June)

Grassed and bushed plants for bees

Wild Rosemary (May-July)

Cranberries (May-June)

Heather (July-September)

Blueberries (May-June)

Angelica (June-August)

Strawberries (May)

Lungwort (March - May)

Blueberry (May-July)

Aegopodium (May)

Meadow plants for bees

Cornflower (June-July)

St. John's wort (June-August)

Clover (June-August)

Dandelion (May)

Comfrey (May-July)

Valerian (June-August)

Plants for bees on fields

Buckwheat (July)

Pumpkin (June-July)

Sunflower (July-August)

Chicory (June-August)

Garden plants for bees

Apple (April - May)

Pear tree (April - May)

Pumpkin (June-July)

Cucumber (May-June)

Turnip (April - May)

Carrots (June-July)

Currant (May-June)