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Бортнік Іван з Бараўлян, уваходаў бортных Палескіх, астравоў Свірэскіх і Вербускіх

TreeBeekeeper Ivan from Barauliany, Palessie forests area, Svireski and Verbuski treebeekeeper's holdings.

Беларусь                     www.bortnictva.by                            Belarus

10 017©Братэрства Босых Бортнікаў. Дзе бортнічкі борцілі - там трэсачкі ляжалі

Tree-Hive | Log-Hive


Since ancient times, people have observed the behavior of the bees in the forest and pointed out their pecularities. So, one day, they noticed that a comfortable and secure accommodation for them was in the heart of the tree - in the hollow. And after a few years the man made artificial hollow, especially for the needs of bees. Tree-hives were started to do in pine, oak, linden and other trees at a height of 4-15 meters, and the hole covered with a thick bar (doŭžań). And they began to care for and protect the tree-hives with bees and without them.

If you want to eat honey - have 200 log-hives in different places ©Ivan Burlievič


Adapted piece of wood with an artificial room in the middle. Once upon a time,  treebeekeeper's tree was fallen because of strong storms, and treebeekeeper was sorry about bees and grandfather's tree-hive, then he cut out the part ot the wood with tree-hive, and lifted it into neighbouring tree. And there was the first log-hive. Then treebeekeeper needed to do more houses for bees, thus log-hives were begun to spread through the forests. However, neither the technology nor the terminology of treebeekeeping have not changed.