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Бортнік Іван з Бараўлян, уваходаў бортных Палескіх, астравоў Свірэскіх і Вербускіх

TreeBeekeeper Ivan from Barauliany, Palessie forests area, Svireski and Verbuski treebeekeeper's holdings.

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10 017©Братэрства Босых Бортнікаў. Дзе бортнічкі борцілі - там трэсачкі ляжалі

Treebeekeeper Tools and Equipments 

Treebeekeeper rope

Liaziva | Žeń | Plieć | Lina | Laziva | Liozva | Lazy | Laznia | Linia

Treeeekeeper can be recognized by only this rope. Most of all, he appreciated it, the rope demised and treebeekeeper takes care.

This tool consists of two parts: Long and a short rope. Long was made of leather, bast or hemp with attached specially wooden parts, a hook and seat-place. This tool is for lifting up / down the tree.
A short piece, Liežaja, is made of leather, bast, or hemp rope with a wooden bow, which was used for catching treebeekeeper at altitude.

All these parts work together.

But they have a long process of making: weaving 25-30 meters of rope, produce specially shaped wooden pieces.


Piešnia | Piašnia | Dolata

Specific treebeekeeper's tool that was used for gouging tree-hives or room in the log-hives.

When it came time to make tree- or log-hive, it is not possible to do something without this tool.

Chisel consists of two parts: iron (actually Piašnia) and the wooden parts (Piachoŭje).

Treebeekeeper with chisel during its work looks like a woodpecker, who is making the hollow for bees.


Barta | Siakiera | Barda | Sierka | Hak

It would seem an ordinary axe, but only one thing highlights it - a special atitude of treebeekeeper to this tool. It is always near treebeekeeper: when he makes tree- or log-hives, or during an ordinary forest visit.

Even Third Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania allowed treebeekeeper to take it into the forest.

Barta is the primary tool, as it allows to produce, repair tree- or log-hives, signifying trees, open the log-hives and to do other manipulations.


Astroŭki | Astrova

It is difficult to say when it was uses by treebeekeepers, perhaps from the very beginning.

It is branchy tree, which uses as a ladder to climb up to the first branch of a tree, so you could climb to the very tree- or log-hive.


Treebeekeeper was made and stored in the same place.

Bast box

Laźbień | Lazbień | Labzień

The most common bast box, which has the closest relationship to the treebeekeeping honey.

And it is unusual also because from the very beginning it was not only the capacity to carry comb with honey, and was a measure of weight and trade, as well as tax.


A long time ago, bast box started the only one Honey Riot in Europe.

Form of bast box basically resembled a rectangle, but with rounded edges.

Dimensions variety, on average 60-40-40 cm with a lid. It is made from lime bast necessarily, taken by treebeekeepers, it is lifted on a tree for gathering combs with honey (approximately 8 kg).