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Бортнік Іван з Бараўлян, уваходаў бортных Палескіх, астравоў Свірэскіх і Вербускіх

TreeBeekeeper Ivan from Barauliany, Palessie forests area, Svireski and Verbuski treebeekeeper's holdings.

Беларусь                     www.bortnictva.by                            Belarus

10 017©Братэрства Босых Бортнікаў. Дзе бортнічкі борцілі - там трэсачкі ляжалі

Treebeekeepers' Sings

Znak | Kliajno | Znamia

Since ancient times, treebeekeepers have used their own system of writing, it has been secret signs that were put on the treebeekeeper's tree and his tools.

However, the letter did not contain a single character, and was composed of simple shapes (triangles, touches, arcs, crosses), the combination of which creates a variety of shapes and compositions.

Since old times the meaning of these symbols has begun to lose, but even 200 years ago, people read them as whole story. After all, every character at the same time has a name (squirrel, tree, border, beard, foot, etc.), and they have own reading ( "left line followed by rabbit ears and two apparent" or "border on the touch and three abroad).

Treebeekeeping sings transmitted genetically from father to eldest son, the middle and the younger sons could additional elements in their father's sign - it was their own coat of arms and signatures. These signs preserved in legal books and on old trees.

Signs designated treebeekeepers property on tree-hives and trees and his tools - unbelievable, but they were included into Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.